What A Year.

When I scroll through 2015’s photos it’s hard to believe so much has happened in just one year! Here’s to all that 2016 will bring! Cheers!


IMG_8712 - Version 2


N_C_2 - Version 2








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I can’t believe 2015 has already come & gone. It was quite the year, when I think about everywhere we traveled & all the milestones that have blessed us this year it’s hard to believe it all happened in the same year! 2015 marked the year Chris and I got married; I celebrated 25 in Kauai with my bestfriend; we watched many other friends say “I do”;  I opened, sold & profited on my etsy shop, tried out this bloggin thing, and we rounded out the year with the addition of our black lab puppy Juno. We spent Christmas in Texas, if you get the chance to spend Christmas with a puppy, do it! It’s bliss. We are beyond excited for the start of 2016 & can’t wait to keep blogging it all! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy & safe new year! I’ll be spending NYE working in the ER so I’ll be ringing in 2016 with my work family but please stay safe & stay out of ERs!


Welcome Juno

We welcomed the newest member of our family last week, Juno our 10 week Black Lab. She was the best Black Friday purchase EVER!


  Sisters in the making.

Peggy’s last moments as an only child


We’re adjusting to puppy life, poor Juno is stuck inside until her second round of shots, but we can’t wait to take her out to explore our favorite city – San Francisco, stay tuned!

String art tutorial 

Four years ago I made this Texas string art  for Chris’ birthday;  It was a surprisingly easy project that turned out great  & now I’ve inally gotten around to make the California counterpart. Whether you’re gifting this for the holidays or hanging it in your own home it’s sure to get plenty of compliments.



  • Wood board – I used this one here from Michaels
  • 1″ nails (2 packs recommended)
  • Paint
  • Foam brush
  • Hammer
  • String
  • Outline of map or design you plan to use


  1. Paint wood board – allow to dry completely – I used two coats of paint. Once the paint has dried completely tape the outline of the state in the desired place.

 2. Begin hammering nails following your outline – I found it easier to start with a nail at each corner and then adding nails spaced apart, rather than trying to hammer them all close together in the beginning. Also I recommend hammering the heart in first  otherwise it’ll be much more difficult & awkward if the state is already outlined to try and squeeze the heart in.    3. Take the string and start at a corner, make a small knot to secure the string to an outer nail, and begin looping the string around the nails of the heart. I found out the Texas state outline was somewhat easier than california just based on the shape of the state. It may take a few tries to figure out the best number of times to wrap the string around the inner nails.  *Note – not all the nails will have string wrapped around – in the picture below you can see how  some of the nails on the curve inward on the southern end have been skipped.

4. Once you have completed the final loop  make another small knot to secure the string, and you’re done & ready to display!

This project will run you about $20 -$25 and makes a perfect gift! Have you made your own string art? if so I’d love to hear about it!