Mendocino Lake

IMG_5162IMG_5139^^ heart eyesIMG_5152IMG_5142^^ Juno’s Frenchie Boyfriend Jax IMG_5163IMG_5156IMG_5161IMG_5158IMG_5164IMG_5159IMG_5153IMG_5141IMG_5155IMG_5170IMG_5138Driving home through vineyards…IMG_5137

This weekend we camped in Mendocino Lake, about 120 miles north of San Francisco, through wine country. It was absolutely beautiful & the weather was spectacular. It is so nice to get out of San Francisco’s mid to high 60’s & actually experience some summer heat. I always forget how great camping is, it just really makes it feel like summer. And I must admit I think it’s a lot more fun with a dog. Juno got to hang out with her Frenchie boyfriend Jax & a 1 year old golden retriever so needless to say she had a phenomenal time. Although sharing a 3 person tent with a seventy pound labrador puppy is less than ideal. It was so nice to unplug and just enjoy being outside with good friends. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Batteries to Bluffs


The face of a tired but very happy puppy!


Batteries to Bluffs is by far one of my favorite “urban hikes” in San Francisco. I love this hike for so many reasons. The views are incredible,  even on a cloudy or slightly foggy day you get beautiful scenes of the Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day you can easily see the Marin Headlands & the Point Bonita Lighthouse. In the springtime the trail is lined with countless wildflowers that you can see in my photos. Another reason why I love this hike? STAIRS! With more than 500 stairs along this trail you’re guaranteed a good workout & pretty spectacular view for “leg day”. It’s also a sure fire way to tire any puppy out. Not only will you experience phenomenal coastal panoramas but there’s also plenty of history along the hike. These batteries were built in 1900 & designed to protect underwater minefields outside the Golden Gate. By 1943 it was closed & all the guns were scrapped. It’s pretty cool getting to walk literally on top of history where men before our time fought to protect our lives & now I’m hiking with my puppy across the same batteries they stood guard at, crazy! So if you find yourself in San Francisco wanting to try something new & off the beaten path (no pun intended) definitely check out Batteries to Bluffs trail. On the weekends the hike can get a little crowded but most weekdays you may only see a handful a people, another reason why I can’t get enough. Do you have a favorite urban hike? If so I’d love to hear about in the comments below!

Minden Mountains & Summer Heat


^Gorgeous valley floor viewsIMG_4307IMG_4179IMG_4190IMG_4249

^Bailey, 13 years old, sweet as can be & 0% interested in playing with Juno. IMG_4310

Last weekend we decided to skip the city & head into some summer heat. San Francisco is suffering from “June Gloom” so it felt great to escape the fog & enjoy some sunshine. We met up with my family in my aunts tiny town of Minden NV. It was so nice just getting to enjoy family time & being surrounded by incredible scenery. Minden is basically on the other side of the mountains around South Lake Tahoe. Theres a ton of farmland & ranches. Chris & I love driving out here with country music on & day dreaming about living somewhere slower. Despite both of us living in cities (SF/NYC) the last 8 years we’re actually both country people at heart. (More about my love affair with San Francisco  to come.) Needless to say Juno loved our trip. She even spent the night in her first hotel room, luckily she was so exhausted from running and playing in a yard all day that we didn’t hear a peep from her the whole night, or the next day!