Mexican Quinoa Bake

I’m always looking for quick, easy, healthy, left over worthy dinners. This Mexican quinoa bake is one of my favorite dishes. All in all it takes about 30 minutes prep time & 30 minutes bake time.  I love cooking but I also love finding easy “hacks” to cut down on time. Often I find hacks with Trader Joe’s products [disclaimer: i’m no way affiliated, sponsored, paid by Trader Joe’s, I’m just a happy customer].  For instance I use their frozen garlic cubes for nearly every meal. One cube is equivalent to 1tbsp minced garlic. When I was purchasing cloves of garlic I’d use several cloves then start to notice they’d begin to have the green sprout growing out the middle once you cut into them. For less than $2 I can buy 20 tsps of garlic and leave them in my freezer! On to the recipe!

Phase 1: Prep & Preheat

– Preheat your oven to 350F. 

– Start cooking the quinoa, if you haven’t already. 


– Three organic chicken breasts, seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt, TJ’s everyday seasoning.


– Chop bell pepper into bite size pieces, and diced yellow onion.

– Once the chicken has marinated for about 20 minutes (whenever the quinoa finishes). Slice the chicken into small 1/2 inch thick strips.

Phase Two: Saute & Combine

In a nonstick skillet add olive oil and over medium heat begin sautéing onions & add garlic cubes at this time. Once the onions begin to cook add in the chicken. When chicken is browned on one side, add in fresh bell pepper.  Allow to cook for several minutes, until chicken is almost cooked thoroughly. (about 3-4 more minutes)

Begin to add in the remaining ingredients: black beans, Rotel tomatoes, corn, peppers.  Allow to cook for about 5 minutes. Once the chicken & veggie mixture is heated add 1/2 of the cooked quinoa into a medium size pyrex dish. Add chicken and veggie mix to quinoa and combine. I like to mix in cheese inbetween the layers.
Bake at 350F covered for 25-30 minutes.

This recipe can easily be frozen and stored for a later date. I typically make two batches and freeze one of the casserole dishes for a really quick dinner!


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